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Application connectors are the development direction of high-end connectors

There are many types of TXGA connectors, and connectors are also available in many industries. According to the industry, connector products are mainly used in the automotive, communications, consumer electronics, military, industrial and other industries. The downstream industry's demand for connector products is growing, and industrial scale and technological innovation are one of the main factors driving the growth of the connector market.

In these industries, the demand for automotive connector products accounts for the first, accounting for about 20% of the global connector market, and the demand for connector products in the communications industry is closely followed. With the increase of intelligent automotive electronics, and the layout of 4G and 5G networks, automotive and communication connectors will still have a lot of room for development. In the field of consumer electronics, with the development of wearable devices and the breakthrough of VR/AR technology, the scale of future connectors will be considerable.

According to the technical characteristics of the connector, the connector can be divided into an application type and a standard type. Among them, the application type connector mainly includes the automobile connector and the military connector, and the application type connector is basically customized according to requirements, which has strong design capability for the connector manufacturer. On the other hand, in the military-customized connector products, the high-end small batches, and the production scale of the automotive connectors is slightly higher than the military, but the quality and design requirements have not been reduced. For application-type connector products, rapid design, large-scale and high-quality production is its core competence.

In the other market, the largest proportion is the standard connector product. Standard connectors are not technically demanding and have a fixed design. One type of connector product can often be used in multiple locations and will remain unchanged for many years. The main competition point of standard connectors lies in cost control and quality control under mass production, so standardized connector manufacturers mainly compete for production capacity and quality management of production lines.