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What are the environmental factors that affect industrial connectors?

In the traditional industry, industrial connectors are often used. If the connectors are placed in a harsh and humid environment, they will be corroded with long-term changes, which will lead to more undesirable problems and affect the connection. The connection output of the device. In severe cases, the connection pins in the industrial board-to-board connector socket may even rot, and other objects immersed and splashed liquid are unacceptable. This article TXGA connector manufacturers mainly explain the four environmental factors affecting industrial connectors:

When placed in an extreme vibration environment, the standard connector will react. After a period of time, the connection between the plug and the socket will gradually wear out, and the stitches will sink at the connection point, reducing reliability. Moreover, after such wear, such as exposure to a steam environment, it will further cause corrosion.

2、 extreme temperature
Today's connectors are generally able to withstand a temperature difference of -10-60 degrees, which is no problem for most office and general industrial environments. However, if placed in extreme harsh temperatures, temperatures outside the range can cause reliability problems.

3、corrosive materials
In industrial environments, corrosive gases and liquids are often encountered. Like oil, gas and chemicals can erode the outer connector cover, the metal feet of the plug and socket, the cable jacket, etc.

4、electromagnetic interference
Severe sources of electromagnetic interference usually have production equipment, power channels, etc. that are adjacent to the data path. Machines and electrical paths generate electric fields that can couple into the data path causing noise and disrupting the integrity of the data signal.

Nowadays, the development of technology is not only the precision of electronic connectors, but also the requirements of industrial connectors. The attention to all aspects of detail is a necessary skill for connector manufacturers.