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What are the factors that affect the SIM card connector?

The use of the SIM card connector has gradually become an indispensable electronic accessory for electronic products. The card connector is one of the commonly used connectors in mobile phones and computers. The SIM card holder is a mobile phone SIM card reading device, which is important for mobile phone use. TXGA talk about the performance of the connector.

1. Characteristic impedance Like other microwaves, characteristic impedance is a very important indicator, which directly affects the standing wave ratio, operating frequency and insertion loss. Common connector characteristic impedances are 50Ω and 75Ω.

2. contact resistance As the name suggests, the contact resistance of the RF connector refers to the resistance of its contact point, which refers to the contact resistance of the inner conductor and the outer conductor respectively. Obviously, the smaller the value, the better, usually in the order of mΩ, and the contact resistance of the external body is smaller than that of the inner conductor.

3. Operating frequency range The lower limit cutoff frequency of the RF coaxial connector is zero, and the upper limit operating frequency is 95% of the cutoff frequency. The operating frequency depends on the structure of the connector. In general, the smaller the size of the outer conductor, the higher the operating frequency of the connector: the lower the dielectric constant of the filling medium, the higher the operating frequency, and the lower the insertion loss. Coaxial connectors can operate up to 110 GHz.

4.the connection torque of the connector related to the connector's mating torque, the indicators given by different manufacturers are not exactly the same, because the materials used are different. The mating torque of the stainless steel material connector is greater than that of the copper connector. The greater the mating torque, the higher the durability of the connector.

5.insulation resistance Insulation resistance refers to the resistance of the insulation material, it depends on the insulation material inside the joint, such as Teflon. The typical value of the insulation resistance is greater than 5GΩ (N type). Leakage current is generated when this indicator is not good.

6. Durability of the connector (plug life) When the connector is mated with a standard connector that is fully engaged and completely separated, it is inserted and removed once. For example, if the N-type connector is inserted and removed 12 times per minute, the plug-in life should be no less than 500 times. After inserting and removing 500 times, the connector should have no obvious mechanical damage, and the matching functions remain unchanged!