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Global Wire-to-Board Connector Market Share Forecast

Global wire-to-board connector market share is expected to grow in the end-user industry (consumer electronics and IT and telecommunications) and regions, trends and forecasts for the next five years, is expected to be global wire-to-board connector market between 2018 and 2023 The compound annual growth rate will exceed 4.65%. The forecast includes the use of wire-to-board connectors in various industries in the consumer electronics arena.

Wire-to-board connector systems meet the needs of the rapidly changing electronics industry by providing a single system with different mating and voltage configurations, which allows connector manufacturers to design various models around a single connector type and footprint pattern. Wire-to-board connectors range from miniature to heavy-duty industrial connectors to meet consumer economic requirements. This simplifies maintenance, manufacturing, and repair-related issues and can easily replace specific affected subsystems, reducing machine downtime.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to have the largest share of the online board connector market as the market and applications of wire-to-board connectors continue to grow in different areas of the Asia Pacific region. The growth of the consumer electronics market and the increase in end-user applications across industries will gradually increase the productivity and efficiency of the production process throughout the supply chain. With the growth of Industry 4.0, the demand for various end-user industries throughout the region is growing during the forecast period.