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Why is the rj45 connector with transformer signal transmission more stable?

In order to make the network information transmission distance and make the network interface performance more stable, TXGA adds a transformer to the rj45 connector, and the signal transmission is more stable. While understanding the needs of rj45, most Internet products will choose rj45 connectors with transformers. TXGA analyzes the advantages of rj45 connectors with transformers:

1. The signal can be enhanced to make the transmission distance farther; 

2. The chip end is isolated from the outside, the anti-interference ability is greatly enhanced, and the chip is greatly protected; 

3. When receiving network ports of different voltages, it will not affect each other's equipment.

Rj45 connectors are mainly used in high-performance digital switches; SDH/ATM transmission equipment; ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, fiber-optic loop equipment; Ethernet switches and so on.