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Dsub connector specification

D-sub connector is a kind of computer connector. D-sub connector production design of d-sub connector with a variety of models, options and accessories, is a very economical interconnection solutions. The utility model comprises a d-sub connector of high and low frequency mixed installation, large current and high density, including an insulating body, a harpoon plate lock, a rear cover and a plurality of conductive terminals; After assembly, the harpoon plate lock is limited within the limit mechanism, thus effectively solving the problem of inconsistent foot height caused by the unreliable and easy rotation of the harpoon plate locking position of the existing d-sub connector. TXGA d-sub connector mainly includes 9, 15, 25, 26, 30, 44, 62, 72 bit and other types. Db connector has the difference between punching needle and turning needle. TXGA connector basically covers common d-sub connector. Db15 connector specification is as follows: