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Basic knowledge of wire to board connectors

 In this paper, the basic knowledge of wire to board connector, TXGA has been summarized and analyzed according to the network material, which is convenient for everyone to consult and analyze.

 The person that know inside should know line to board connector is what, it is the connector that points to electric wire and circuit board actually, the function of connector basically is to use at transmitting power source and signal. So the wire to board connector is the ancestor of all connectors, according to the different purposes and requirements, the type of wire to board connector can be said to be numerous. 

 But most of us can be distinguished by the distance of stitches and the current and voltage transmitted, and TXGA is classified into as many as 18 types according to their spacing. Interested friends can click on the "line to the board connector" for details.

 And in terms of the current status, the industry will be ranked relatively high line to board connector manufacturers, molex, FCI, JAE, JST and so on. For connector sales model, mainly has already developed into the agent for the marketing strategy, connector manufacturers are based on the annual report data and statistical data as the foundation, authoritative institutions are mostly adopted the way of the combination of macro and micro analysis, using the scientific method of statistical analysis, to describe the general picture of industry at the same time, detailed analysis was carried out on the wire to board connector.

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