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PCB connectors

What is PCB connector?

The bottom contact connector has 4 to 8 circuit specifications, rated current and voltage of 0.3a and 50V, and can be used for 0.12mm thick FPC cables. It has a unique BackFlip clamp for easy insertion and unplugging of cables in a tight space, and strong FPC cable clamping force.

Working principle of PCB connector

Its working principle is: usually on the insulation material, according to the predetermined design, made into printed circuit, printed components or a combination of the conductive graphics called printed circuit. And on the insulation substrate to provide electrical connections between components conductive graphics, known as printed lines. In this way, printed circuit or printed circuit product board called printed circuit board, also known as printed board or printed circuit board.

What fields are PCB connectors used in?

PCB series connector: used in military aviation, railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects, test instrument ship system, electric sightseeing car; UPS; Communication power supply; High current connector is preferred for battery and other products. The connector is made of PBT material, which has good electronic and motor characteristics and can be widely used in industry.

All kinds of electric vehicles, electric buses, forklifts, golf carts, sightseeing vehicles, tractors, batteries, communication power supply; UPS. Ac. Dc stabilized voltage power supply.EPS. Inverter, high frequency module power supply and high frequency charger system, electric machinery; Electric wheelchair. Electric washing machine. Lawn mower. Vacuum cleaner, medical equipment; Suction machine, pressure reducing machine, electric treatment bed; Power supply, material handling equipment, rechargeable battery application, power distribution equipment, industrial equipment and other enterprises, and the Chinese academy of sciences institute of modern physics jointly developed Anen(anneng) series of large current connector products, has been widely used in the national large-scale electric machinery research and development projects and transportation, railway, aerospace products.

What working environments are PCB connectors used in?

The golden solder area on the PCB lowers the PCB board edge... In the industrial environment, the connector produced by press-fit technology can be stable and can be right-angle PCB... This small connector is suitable for all kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles, especially for the extremely harsh working environment... The advantage of this connector in uav applications is that the oversupply of small base PCB connectors has forced the price down by 3%~10%. Manufacturers say the trend will slow because of high input costs.

How to develop the future trend of PCB connector?

Continental PCB connector industry is one of the minority areas not affected by the global recession due to the strong market demand at home and abroad, along with the electronic equipment to the development of higher transmission speed and more miniaturization, connector also follows the trend, so type connector, fiber optic connectors, cable broadband and small spacing connector is suitable for all kinds of mobile/wireless electronic devices such as connector products is expected to become the star of the future.