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Connector for TV, consumer electronics

Can TXGA connector be used in TV, consumer and other electronic products? The answer is yes. With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more fields and industries are involved in the electronics we need in our life. For example, digital TV, tablet computer, digital TV, digital camera, camcorder, handheld game machine and so on have become emerging consumer electronic products. TXGA as a high-end connector manufacturers for 14 years, years of technology precipitation let us continue to innovate. In the future, the consumer electronic connector will serve as a bridge to transmit data. At present, TXGA connector company is also continuously developing towards the direction of high-frequency, miniaturization, miniaturization, high-speed transmission, large-capacity transmission and multi-signal mixed transmission.

Take TXGA current USB and HDMI connector/cable products as an example: TXGA [USB product] after many years of continuous upgrading, from its waterproof, heat, and then to no loss of information transmission, its transmission speed and efficiency has been improved a hundred times. Also in the current HDMI connector products, in its transmission speed has been greatly improved, and in the transmission of multi-channel audio and video signals at the same time also increased audio return, dynamic synchronization and other functions.