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Not unknown 6 point electronic connector product inspection requirements | TXGA connector

In the process that produces electronic connector, always have the production of a few products inferior, be about to test manufacturer at this time a high grade rate. TGXA provides you with 6-point connector product inspection requirements, which are briefly summarized as: structural dimensions, resistance matching, shielding, reliability, versatility and durability. Here are the details:

1. Structural dimension: it is very important to shape the connector's external dimension, because there will be certain space restrictions at the joint of the product, especially the connector on the single board cannot contact with other parts. Suitable installation methods can be selected according to the use of space and installation parts: pre-installation and post-installation, installation and fixation methods include screw, clamp, rivet or connector pin quick lock and shape (straight, curved, T type, round, square).

2. Resistance matching: general signal transmission has no special requirements for resistance of connector, but rf signal has very strict requirements for resistance matching, which will cause signal reflection and affect signal transmission.

3. Shielding: with the development of electronic products, EMC is getting more and more attention. The connector needs to have a metal shell, and the cable needs a shielding layer, which should be connected with the metal shell to achieve shielding effect. Injection molding can also be used to wrap the plug with copper, welding the cable shielding layer and copper together.

4. Reliability: connector is used to connect signals, so the connecting parts should ensure its reliability, such as surface contact is better than point contact, pinhole type is better than leaf spring type, etc.

5. Universality: when choosing connectors, it is necessary to choose common objects as much as possible, especially between the same series of products. Connector selection has a strong universality, which can reduce material types, costs and supply risks.

6. Durability: the working environment of some connectors is very complex. In order to ensure the stable performance of the connectors, it is necessary to ensure that they can adapt to the complex environment, or they will not work well and may be dangerous. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, salt resistance, mold resistance are common important indicators.

Knowing the six inspection requirements of electronic connector products can further improve the connector quality.