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TXGA consumer electronics connector continues to escort your connection and transmission

TXGA offers a wide range of I/P connector products, including USB, HDMI, d-sub, module plug-in, etc. In addition to standard I/O connectors and associated cable assemblies, TXGA r&d engineers can design custom solutions. A number of connector products and related cable components together to form a new generation of solutions.

1. Data transmission

Provide high speed hd video, data exchange, audio transmission and other solutions to ensure the stability and functionality of the operation of equipment.

2. Mobile Internet

TXGA provides thin connector interconnection product solutions, and add antennas, EMI shielding, circuit protection, etc., to meet the needs of today's mobile devices.

3. Platform computer

TXGA small connector solution allows the device circuit board to release more space, making the tablet products more lightweight, more beautiful.

This article about: TXGA consumer electronics connector, continue to escort your connection to transmission.