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Develop sustainable energy, TXGA provides you with stable and safe wind power, wind turbine, new energy connector

As the international community attaches increasing importance to issues such as energy security, ecological environment and abnormal climate, reducing the burning of fossil energy and accelerating the development and utilization of renewable energy have become the general consensus and concerted action of all countries in the world. At present, the basic trend of global energy transformation is to realize the transition from fossil energy system to low-carbon energy system, and the ultimate goal is to enter the era of sustainable energy dominated by renewable energy.

Wind energy - the kinetic energy generated by the flow of air. A conversion of solar energy. Due to the uneven heating of various parts of the earth's surface caused by solar radiation, the pressure distribution in the atmosphere is unbalanced. Under the action of the horizontal pressure gradient, the air moves along the horizontal direction to form the wind. The total amount of wind energy is huge, with about 5.3X10^13 kilowatt-hours of technology available in a year. Wind energy is a renewable and clean energy with large reserves and wide distribution. Wind energy utilization is a comprehensive engineering technology, which converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy, electrical energy and thermal energy through wind turbines.

As we all know, most of the wind power plants are located in extreme weather areas, and their environment determines the high requirements for connectors/cables of wind power generation units; In addition, the high occupation area and noise influence of wind power generating units require good long-distance communication. TXGA in new energy projects according to the information required to produce a kind of anti-interference and high-speed transmission cables, and transmission attenuation RJ45 connector, satisfy the high-speed transmission of signal, the TXGA researching circular connector is to grade IP68 waterproof, and multi-fiber customizable to meet the individual needs of customers TXGA salt fog can accept custom at up to 1400 h of circular connector.

In the future, wind power unit capacity will continue to increase, TXGA will work with you to focus on the development of new energy technology, research and development design to meet its development, for the wind power generation unit to create a stable, safe connection service, wind power unit upgrade to lay a solid foundation.