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To create high-quality medical equipment connector, strictly control the connection and transmission of medical equipment

The quality of connectors is particularly important for medical devices that require high-quality components. Many sophisticated medical electronic devices have high requirements for medical connectors, which need to be safer, more reliable and more reliable in transmission speed. Why is a small piece so important? Look at the following points:

1. Security of medical connector

When patients are treated, the last thing they want to be exposed to is danger. While the dangers are uncommon, there have been numerous reported cases of serious injuries and even injuries caused by contact with the conductors of medical connectors. In its decision, IEC proposed a standard that requires connectors used in medical applications to contain a form of insulation that prevents people from being shaken upon contact, further enhancing the safety of modern medical devices.

2. Reliability of medical connector

As medical technology advances and the equipment we use continues to evolve, so do the professionals we rely on to function perfectly. While connectors may seem like a trivial component in this complex device, they play a key role in the reliability of medical devices. When the connector is used as the connection between the probe and the medical device during operation, it is expected that the connector will work perfectly, because the reliability of the connector can directly affect the success or failure of the operation and the life of the patient. This is why the healthcare industry continues to invest in connectors that have proven to provide reliable performance over the life of the device.

3. Transmission speed of medical connector

To ensure the success of minimally invasive medical procedures, previous surgeons monitored these types of operations with real-time images transmitted from a laparoscopic camera inside the patient. However, modern connector technology allows these large amounts of data to be transmitted at high speed with high integrity, which greatly promotes the success of these operations, and therefore makes the connector indispensable in transmission speed.

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