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How to operate connector compression?

How to operate connector compression? TXGA provides you with: the correct way to use connector pressing:

1. Preview the product specification before connecting the connector to the equipment, and see that the connector and wire size should meet the connection requirements of relevant equipment.

2. When the connector is pressed automatically, the pressing operation should be smooth, the connection interface should be accurate, and the tension of the wire should be suitable.

3. The closing position of connector shall be correct and the height shall be accurate when pressing, and the pressure of connector shall be paid attention to whether there is a wired head and whether the air pressure is within the specified range.

4. After the pressing of the connector is completed, it shall conduct external inspection to see if there are any bad problems and make sure that the pressing process is ok.

5. Pay attention to the depth of the connector pressing, do not think that a little contact can be, that is wrong. Because the depth of bonding is different for different equipment, as those professional knowledge said, if the connector is not strictly paid attention to during bonding, it will lead to unqualified products, and consumers will bring serious losses.

In fact, the performance and quality of the product is also very important when pressing the connector, because the level of product performance and quality will also have an impact. So in addition to pay attention to the connector in pressing some matters, but also pay attention to the quality of product equipment performance.

To understand the pressing operation of connector, please refer to the above. To learn about connectors, see the TXGA connector product center.