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Aviation plug should which a few respects undertake choosing

Aviation plug should which a few respects undertake choosing? The basic structure of aviation plug is very simple, but its process is delicate and complex, from lathe processing, electroplating, assembly, every process needs to keep improving, if there is no perfect manufacturing level and good quality control, it is very easy to appear power failure and pin phenomenon, but also make the life too short. When we choose aviation plug, also need to choose according to their own needs, TXGA briefly introduces the selection of aviation plug application which several aspects.

1. Size of pogo pin The size of the pogo pin is determined by the design strength, current load, and shape, but the large diameter usually increases the cost significantly. The standard pogo pin is usually 1.5 and 0.9, which is the most economical choice.

2. Height of pogo pin. The height of pogo pin is determined by the working height, that is, the height during working compression and the accuracy during installation of matching parts. Generally, the compression stroke is about 70% of the total stroke, and the common working stroke is 1.0mm.

3. Current load. The requirements of current load are different, the whole design parameters should be changed and adjusted accordingly.

4. Service life. The service life of aviation plug is based on dynamic test, not static test. The difference between static and dynamic tests can be as large as tens of times. Service life is related to many factors, usually 10,000 life is relatively high cost performance.

Therefore aviation plug should choose from the above four aspects, it will be better.