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How should I maintain and maintain the RF connector?

How should I maintain and maintain the RF connector? Clean RF connectors regularly and use them in the right way will often prolong the life of the connector. We know that every company will unplug the connector when using the equipment, which is very important for the RF connector maintenance and maintenance, a good connector will also cause the performance decline due to poor daily maintenance and lead to economic losses and other adverse factors. Then how to do the connector maintenance? Take a look at the TXGA summary method.

All RF connectors used for PIM testing, including test adapters, test cable assemblies, test loads, and all RF connectors on the tester, must be clean and connected reliably to ensure accurate and reliable PIM test results for the test piece.

1. Clean RF connector regularly to ensure the consistency of connection.

2. Tighten the nut after the connector is in place. Do the initial locking by hand, then use the torque wrench to achieve the desired torque.

3. Remove o-rings from all test adapters and cable assemblies prior to testing. This will reduce torque required for low PIM tight connections and extend connector life. (please do not remove the o-ring on the jump line.)

4. Torque wrench is required for all connections, and torque of 20~25N. M is required for 7/16 joints. Be careful not to rotate the connector body when tightening the connector (the connector body should be secured with a second wrench).

5. In the non-working state of the connector, the protection cap shall be ensured at the interface. The frequency of use of RF connectors is limited, with a typical value of 500 plugs. Due to the sensitivity of PIM test, the frequency of use may not be reached, so spare connectors, adapters and cable components should be provided.