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Why use an aviation plug

We can imagine what it would be like without the aviation plug. In this case, the circuit should be permanently connected with a continuous conductor. For example, if an electronic device is connected to the power supply, both ends of the connecting wire must be fixed to the electronic device and the power supply by some method (such as welding). Come so, no matter be to production or use, brought a lot of inconvenience. Click here to learn more about the importance of aviation plugs.

Take car batteries. Assuming that the battery cables are fixed and soldered to the battery, the car manufacturer increases the amount of work it takes to install the battery, increasing the production time and cost. When the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced, the car should be sent to the maintenance station to remove the old one and weld the new one. Therefore, more labor costs should be paid.

But if we have the aviation plug can save a lot of trouble, buy a new battery from the store, disconnect the aviation plug, remove the old battery, install a new battery, reconnect the aviation plug is ok. This simple example illustrates the benefits of aviation plugs. It makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, and reduces the production and maintenance cost. Now the new pogo pin probe aviation plug has been improved on the traditional aviation plug, making the connection more convenient and making the aviation plug volume smaller.