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Wholesale usb connector manufacturers

USB interface connector is the current electronic industry needs the hard goods, the transmission speed of USB can often directly affect the operation of electronic equipment. TXGA - set research and development as one of the USB connector manufacturers, if you need to purchase USB connector wholesale, please understand TXGA USB connector product center, in advance to view the details, registered members can directly place an order online. What are the types of USB connectors?

USB knowledge expansion:

USB is "Universal Serial Bus", which is called Universal Serial Bus in Chinese. This is a new interface technology which has been widely used in PC field in recent years. USB interface has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, support hot swap and connect multiple devices. With the rapid development of computer hardware, peripherals are increasing day by day, keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, scanner has long been known, digital camera, MP3 walkman followed by, so many devices, how to access personal computer? USB was created for this purpose.