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USB connector socket quick optional

USB connector and socket quick purchase, USB connector and socket quick search, click "USB connector products". TXGA new official website online, for customers to create a more simple and convenient order system, registration can be online fast order proofing.

TXGA provides USB connector socket product features

1, a wide range of onboard socket series, using a variety of different directions and PCB installation

2, suitable for all USB sizes and types of cable installation injection molded plug kit

3. Integrate serial, keyboard, mouse and game ports

4, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous data transmission

5. Polarization treatment is carried out to obtain the correct orientation

6. Plug and play function

7. Hot swap allows installation or removal of peripherals without shutdown or reboot

What is a USB socket?

USB connector socket is often used or contacted by an electronic product, we are commonly known as this product USB plug, socket, but in the industry known as USB connector, because this electronic product is one of the many types of connector. In the connector industry, there are many types of USB socket classification and USB socket specifications, but the general effect is almost the same.