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The darling of 5G new era: what convenience will [type-c interface] bring to life?

What convenience will type-c interface bring to life? What powerful features does the type-c interface have? The type-c interface is the darling of the new information era in recent years. Its powerful functions are reflected in its ability to make: mobile phone can also use cable network, camera photos can be transferred to mobile phone without computer, it is more convenient to transfer photos between mobile phones, the screen is projected to TV, projector is faster, and the type-c can be charged quickly. Learn more about it!

A few years ago, android phone users basically used Micro USB interface. Since 2015, more and more android phones have basically changed into type-c interface, especially under the leadership of major mobile phone brands, type-c interface is about to replace Micro USB interface and become a new mainstream.

Many people find that the type-c interface is several times easier to use than Micro USB interface. Firstly, the positive and negative plugging functions of type-c are very practical. The maximum data transmission speed of the type-c interface supporting USB3.1 is up to 10Gbps. Can transmit audio and video signal, expand to a variety of audio and video output interface, such as HDMI/DVI/VGA interface and so on. Product entry -- [type-c interface] -- let's take a look at these powerful features of type-c interface phones.

Mobile phones can also use wired networks

If the WIFI at home isn't working, or the Internet is slow, have you ever thought that your cell phone could connect to the Internet? For the type-c interface of the phone, this function is not a big difficulty, only through the type-c interface to connect the phone to the network cable, carefree to watch TV movies or play "eat chicken" game, king of glory.

No need for a computer to transfer camera photos to your phone

Cell phones are getting more megapixels, but there's still a big gap. In everyday life, a camera phone is enough. But in the travel, study and work, DSLR has an irreplaceable position. When we took a beautiful photo with pretend bility DSLR in our travel, I wanted to upload my friend circle immediately and win numerous likes, but what should I do without my computer? The photos taken by the camera can be transferred to the mobile phone to send to friends circle or send to others. The mobile phone with type-c interface can be realized through the OTG card reader.

In addition, if the phone does not have a memory expansion card slot, the card reader can also be used as the phone's external expansion card slot. Store photos and movies in the memory card, and the phone can watch them through the card reader at any time.

One requirement, of course, is that the phone must support OTG. At present, most type-c mobile phones on the market are medium and high-end mobile phones, which basically support OTG function.

It's easier to send photos between cell phones

Phones can transmit photos to each other without a network, and they want to import photos from old phones into new ones. Or go out for a trip with friends, take photos for friends need to pass to friends. If there are two type-c interface phones, then you can use type-c phone usb flash drive to complete. Insert the usb stick into your phone, copy the photo onto the usb stick, and then insert the usb stick into another phone.

It is faster to project the screen to the TV and projector

To transmit images from your phone to your TV and projector, a type-c HDMI cable takes less than a few seconds. However, limited by the configuration of mobile phones, only huawei P20 series, huawei Mate 10 series and samsung S8 and S8+ can use type-c HDMI cable for fast screen projection.

Can quick charge Type - C

In recent years, the mobile phone can accept more and more abundant information era, mobile phone battery consumption rate is also faster and faster, many people are half a day to charge. Further evidence suggests that 5G is not far off. The power in mobile phones is not enough to use. This form will increase people's demand for chargers and charging devices, as well as higher and higher requirements for their quality and functions. Type-c, which can support fast charging, further follows the needs of The Times and becomes the favorite of the new information era.