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Application of USB type-c interface

USB Type C has been widely supported in recent years, and many manufacturers have launched USB Type C interface products. According to the analysis of greenlink, the current market focuses on A large number of products related to android devices, most of which are USB Type C and Type A conversion data cables.

USB Type C to USB2.0 data cable charging cable

It is suitable for Letv mobile phone and other devices with USB type c interface to connect the existing USB charger for charging and computer host USB interface for data transmission.

USB type c to USB2.0 master cable

Suitable for New MacBook, Letv mobile phone USB Type C interface to connect mobile hard disk, U disk, keyboard and mouse, etc

Usb type c to mini usb data cable charging cable

It is suitable for connecting usb 2.0 T port with usb TYPE C for data transmission and charging. For example, Canon camera is connected to New MacBook for data synchronous transmission.

USB type c to USB2.0 B data cable

It is suitable for computers with USB type c interface, such as apple's New MacBook, and connected to devices with usb2.0b square port interface, such as square port printer, square port camera and so on.