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Is the type-c interface long-lived? Whether the type-c interface is durable or not

Is the type-c interface long-lived? Is the type-c interface durable? Answers to these two questions:

Q: is the type-c interface long-lived? How many times can you insert it? Will it break easily?

A: the type-c interface is normally used for plugging and plugging, and the index is at least 5000 times, good or even tens of thousands of times. Compared to the battery full charge and discharge life of 500 times, and the number of phone life cycle within the data line, anyway do not worry about damage. Of course, there are occasional accidents.

Q: is the type-c interface durable?

A: type-c is a new standard charging interface. It has no pros and cons, plug and play, and extremely fast charging speed. It adopts 3.0 charging mode and is a very durable interface.