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How many car connectors are there on each car

How many car connectors are there on each car? TXGA details for you

Speaking of car connector, you may not be familiar with, in fact, connector in many places have been used, such as railway connector, switch connector and so on, countless. And there are many connectors on the car, their specific role is very simple, is to prevent the car suddenly because of circuit short circuit or power failure and can not move, the car connector is actually a bridge role, to ensure the flow of current, make the current can flow in accordance with the predetermined way, to achieve the set function.

It may sound a bit troublesome, but it is basically made up of only four parts, insulator, enclosure, accessory and contactor. So how many car connectors should be installed on a car? At present, most of the connectors on our country's cars are about 100, and with the progress of society, people's continuous requirements for automobile safety and comfort, this number will continue to rise. Although the car connector and foreign countries are still some gap, but also in the continuous narrowing.