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The method and analysis of selecting automobile connector

TXGA tells you about the method and analysis of the car connector selection

Automobile connector, is widely used in various parts of the automobile and the system, plays the role of linking and disconnecting the current, because the automobile connector of many kinds, people do not remember, so it is very important to choose a suitable automobile connector. There are different ways to classify automobile connectors. If they are classified according to the frequency they emit, we can divide them into high-frequency connectors and low-frequency connectors.

When we buy, first will see the electrical parameters of the car connector, the most important is the rated voltage of the car connector, the rated voltage also known as the working voltage, it mainly depends on the insulation materials used by the machine, the size of the distance between the contact. Some elements or devices may not perform their intended functions at a lower voltage than their rated voltage. In today's society, the role of automobile connector is becoming more and more important, so we must carry out regular maintenance and maintenance.