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Electroplating technology and process of automobile connector

There are several kinds of process methods of automobile connector electroplating:

1. Liquid level control method

Control the plating level, so that the flow of plating solution only submerged parts of the required plating. The method is simple in equipment and operation. It can be operated manually or produced automatically.

2. Apply barrier film method

Apply insulating glue or paint to parts that do not need electroplating, and then electroplate and remove insulating glue or paint after plating.

The clamp method clamps the plating part in the special plastic splint lined with silicon rubber, makes holes in the parts needing electroplating, and removes the plastic splint after plating.

High - speed electroplating of car connector

Printed circuit board connector, ribbon cable connector and switch reeds, etc., can use automatic high-speed selective electroplating with materials, can gold plating, silver anti-other funds. The process flow is as follows: electric oil removal, water washing, etch activation, high speed selective plating, post-plating treatment.