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Domestic connector industry development and competition pattern

There are a large number of enterprises producing wire harnesses and signal adapters in China, but most of them are equipped at a low level and have relatively backward technology and technology, resulting in overcapacity of low-end products, fierce competition, more general products, and less high-tech and high-value-added products.

Along with the computer, automotive, communications, household appliances, such as the downstream industry concentration increase gradually, the downstream manufacturers with the quality of the product component suppliers, research and development strength, the price level, delivery term, have put forward higher request, need size enterprises to provide supporting services, and help them reduce costs, improve the competitive power of its own products.

In recent years, international well-known connector enterprises have shifted their production base to China, expanded the scale of domestic connector market, rapidly improved the overall level of connector manufacturing, but also intensified the domestic connector industry market competition. TXGA connector complies with the trend, arises at the historic moment. Although compared with foreign well-known connector enterprises, domestic connector manufacturers do not have advantages in technology, scale and industrial chain, but with the continuous improvement of enterprise research and development capacity, domestic manufacturers are gradually expanding their share in the international connector market by virtue of low cost, close to customers, flexible response and other advantages.

As early as three years ago China's connector market scale reached $16.5 billion, has become the world's largest connector market, in China's rapid economic development, communications, computer, consumer electronics and other downstream of the connector industry rapid development in China, make Chinese connector market has maintained rapid development, increasing the scale of connector market.