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The magic of 5G connectors

What's the magic of 5G connectors? So much industry? Understand together below!

5 g indicators:

1. Peak rate of 1-20gbps

2. User experience of 10-100mbps

3. End-to-end latency of 1-10 ms

4. 1-100 times improvement of network energy consumption efficiency

5G technology will carry the connection of 1 billion places, 5 billion people and 50 billion things, bring the digital world into every person, every family and every organization, and build the intelligent world of the interconnection of everything, with the magic of super connection!

On the other hand, 5G network with super connection magic will be integrated with digital driving technology, real-time big data, cloud technology and artificial intelligence, bringing revolutionary changes to the industry: namely, connecting platform, everything online, everything cloud, everything plug and wisdom.

To sum up: 5G is the native platform for everything to connect, and the cornerstone of building an intelligent world!