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Plug - in cable plug installation, now also for industrial use

Now from a professional point of view, whether it's in personal applications or complex systems - the task is much the same: cable plugs use devices that must be connected quickly and securely.

Generally, these requirements cannot be met in conventional installation. Therefore, cutting cables to the appropriate length, stripping cable sheath and wire insulation layer, and finally connecting components not only consume a lot of procedures, but also often lead to errors and rework. Once that happens, it's harder to deal with. During the installation of the system, cooperation between different industries (mechanical and electrical installation) hindered the continuation of the operation, which is not only applicable to initial installation. The same installation steps are repeated for extensions, regular services, or replacement of defective devices.


As a complete cable plug installation system, we truly offer time-saving benefits during installation. In the beginning, the components are pre-installed in the factory and simply plugged together at the site. Cut to the right length, strip off the cable sheath and insulation and connect, so the hassle is over and the total operating time is reduced.