R&D is the core

  • 6%⬆ R&D expenditure as a percentage of revenue

    Only high investment can reap high returns. TXGA R&D investment accounts for more than 6% of sales, providing sufficient financial support for product development.

  • 100⬆ Global R&D Members

    TXGA has a research and development engineering team of more than 100 people, dedicated to the R&D design and product optimization of connectors and cables.

  • 100⬆ Utility Model Patents and Invention Patents

    TXGA has more than 100 practical patent certificates for connector or cable inventions, and a number of appearance patent certificates to make products safer and more secure.

  • RoHS standards laboratory

    TXGA has established an analysis laboratory that meets RoHS standards to effectively block harmful heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, and lead.

From design to production

Product development and design

TXGA has a strong connector and cable R&D team. In your early design, if your existing connector products are not compatible with your development products, we provide professional customized services based on your existing product development. And design connectors that meet the requirements.

Mould design and development

TXGA can develop customized molds and make molds according to the drawings, and can use professional engineering analysis methods (tolerance analysis, failure mode analysis) and simulation software (finite element analysis method, mold flow analysis) to avoid design errors and ensure product functions. Compliance with the specifications can effectively shorten the development time and quickly submit the design plan required by the customer, thereby reducing the cost of mold repair due to trial and error.

Product sample making and mass production

TXGA can produce samples for early connector adaptation; at the same time, TXGA's connector workshop and cable workshop provide mass production.

What else can we do for you?

TXGA's strong R&D team is the core strength of TXGA and has an irreplaceable role in the quality of TXGA products and product upgrades

  • Product Selection Guide

    We provide online or offline methods to provide you with connector selection help

  • Suggestions for design optimization

    We can provide you with minimum cost optimization suggestions under the premise of meeting your needs based on your product usage, environment, attributes, etc.

  • Troubleshooting

    When you have any difficult problems in the field of connectors or cables, you can tell us, we will try our best to answer you

  • Technician on-site service

    We provide you with professional technical on-site service to help you complete the production