There is huge demand for high and new electronic products in blue ocean connector market.

With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, integrated circuits are becoming more and more integrated, but in the composition of electronic products, a device is indispensable. It is the connector, the connector is the core basic element for the electrical connection of the whole circuit system, and its function is to connect with the electrical / optical signals and mechanical forces. Disconnect or convert. Connector is used in all electronic products, from microcapsule camera to large national defense equipment. It is widely used in many fields, such as automobile, communication, aerospace, military equipment, computer, industry, household appliances and so on. In any electronic exhibition, the connector is a beautiful scenery line.

The global connector market has continued to grow for nearly 40 years. According to data, the global connector market has grown from 59 billion 400 million yuan in 1980 to 364 billion 300 million yuan in 2016, with a composite growth rate of 5.2%. The growth rate has slowed in the last ten years and the compound growth rate is 2.6%. In the year of 2016, the global connector market reached 54 billion 400 million US dollars, an increase of 4.5% compared with the same period last year, and still maintained a steady growth trend. China's market performance is better, the growth rate is about 2 times the growth rate of the global market, up 10%, up to 15 billion 940 million US dollars, accounting for the global ratio of close to 30%, which is far higher than the 20% in 2010. Although the global connector market has a temporary decline after 2014, with the rebound of the Chinese economy and intelligent upgrading, it will continue to promote the rapid development of this industry.

There is a steady growth in the connector Market in 2017
According to the data released by the latest National Bureau of statistics, China's industrial profits still maintain good growth from 1 to April this year. From 2012 to 2016, the profits of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased by 5.3%, 12.2% and 8.5% respectively, and the growth rates in each year were all lower than those in April.
Four trends in connector development

Trend one: from standard product to customization
Traditional connectors belong to passive products. Manufacturers provide standardized products to customers. With the diversification of electronic products and the emergence of more and more intelligent products such as robots and UAVs, manufacturers need more customized connector products to meet the needs of the product, and connector manufacturers need to develop new products with customers. It meets the needs of customers to read shapes and functions, so connector manufacturers need to participate in the design of customers.

Trend two, from single signal transmission to multi signal transmission.
Traditional connectors only transmit single signals, such as video, control or data signals. As the electronic product is thinner and thinner, the connector becomes a variety of signal transmission from a single signal transmission. The same cable can transmit light, electricity or other signals at the same time. This also helps to save the reliability of the air lift system.

Trend three, from passive products to modularization and intellectualization.
In order to gain more profits, traditional connector vendors are turning connectors from a passive product into modular products, for example, in the server cable provider, the connector becomes intelligent, and the active IC is added to a single cable to become an intelligent cable that can monitor data.

Trend four, miniaturization and miniaturization
Nowadays, electronic products are becoming thinner and thinner, and it also promotes the development of machine products and connector products to small size, low height, narrow spacing, multi-function, long life and surface installation. So connector manufacturers should adapt to these changes and improve process and design.

The characteristics of China's connector market and the blue sea
China connector market has occupied 30% of the world's connector market, but our connector is mainly in the middle and low end, high-end connectors are relatively low. From the global point of view, automotive connector is the largest application market. According to statistics, the application of automotive market is the largest application mayor of global connector, accounting for 22.2%. Next is Telecom and data communication, about 21%, and computer and industry account for 16% and 12% respectively.

Although automotive, communications, and consumer electronics are the traditional main battlefields of connectors, the emerging areas may bring more business opportunities to connectors, such as autopilot, AR/VR, robots, UAVs, smart wear and so on. These emerging fields have special needs for connectors and promote connector diversification. Development, if China's electronic products, components manufacturers are going to brand, the connector market has a good prospect, but the current system vendors are fragmented and diversified, and connector manufacturers need to strengthen brand communication if they want to quickly find potential target customers, such as participation in exhibitions, seminars, and guests. User case sharing and so on, deepen user's understanding and cognition.

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