The demand for connector customization has increased sharply

China is currently the world's largest connector market, the continuous development of automotive, communications and consumer electronic connector customization demand more and more, connector manufacturers will also gradually increase the proportion of the r&d center is located in China.

In the past few years, the custom-made products of Chinese connector enterprises are mainly concentrated in the field of military industry. These types of connectors are high end small batch. They are basically customized according to demand. They require a strong design ability of the connector manufacturers, and there will not be a few years of production of a few models of consumer electronic connectors. For military connectors, rapid design, large-scale and high quality production is the core competitiveness of application connectors.

Unlike military products, military connectors require more technical content and reliability, so military connectors are mostly customized products. Military connectors are mostly customized products, which are developed for different application environments, requiring high requirements for R & D and technical capabilities of enterprises.

With the rapid development of economy, China's automotive, communications, computer, consumer electronics and other connectors are developing rapidly. The connector Market in China has been growing rapidly, the size of the connector market is expanding, and the demand for customization is increasing. Many large factories even set R & D centers in China. The production center of ball connector is also transferred to China synchronously. China has become the largest connector production base in the world.

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