Three characteristics of TXGA connector and cable products

As the leading connector supplier in the industry for 14 years, TXGA has rich connector overall solutions. In the years of technology precipitation process, the company has been for the automotive, military, aviation and other advanced areas to provide innovative and reliable systematic connectivity solutions, services to more than 2000 customers, with excellent product quality and customer-oriented service spirit, to create value for partners. Why more and more companies choose TXGA? Just because TXGA has these three characteristics far beyond the industry.

Before explaining, popularize a few knowledge first. There are many environmental factors that affect the connector transmission engineering. And these effects can be summarized as: signal interference environment, whether in the water environment, and the working temperature environment. TXGA connector and cable products have the characteristics to solve these problems:

1, transmission is not afraid

As a leading connector manufacturer in the industry, TXGA's connecting products naturally reach the industrial standard, and can customize the magnetic ring without fear of signal interference environment.

2,Don't be afraid of water

TXGA as a connector manufacturer of high standards, some products up to IP68 waterproof. Your product can work safely in a variety of water environments.

3,Don't be afraid of heat

TXGA connector manufacturers produced products, in some extreme temperature conditions, perfect and safe operation, further guarantee the product efficiency.

Above is the three main characteristics of TXGA connector, cable products, if you need to know more about the connector products, please continue to pay attention to TXGA website: https://www.txga.com/

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