Guarantee the good premise of cable connector -- the tightness of connector

Most cable connectors work under harsh conditions, and the sealing of connectors in this case is particularly important. Everything from pocket-sized consumer devices to sophisticated military equipment can be exposed to humidity or heat. If the connector is not well sealed, it will often expose the weak problems in the electronic system -- improper connector transmission, or failure.

Therefore, when you choose the cable connector, it is particularly important to choose observation to check its tightness and reliability. A small detail can affect the overall operation of the machine. Such a single point of failure is unacceptable, for example, under extreme conditions where military operations often occur. Machinery often works for a long time, and if its cables are not reliable enough, they will not be able to withstand a long period of high intensity loss, leading to failure.

TXGA cable connector, transmission has three characteristics: transmission fear, do not fear heat, do not fear water, its sealing to high industrial level connector, this will also protect your electronic products running transmission work.

For you to push TXGA cable connector transmission features article:

TXGA connector, connector products three major features

TXGA underwater connector manufacturer: can efficiently complete the transmission work under the water environment

The heavy-duty waterproof connector is not afraid of water, which can complete the transmission work in water environment

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