The difference of different grades of aviation plug and pull force testing machine

Now more and more aviation plug products, the aviation plug test requirements are more and more strict. In addition to the function of insertion and withdrawal force, the aviation plug and withdrawal force testing machine also needs to do drawing force, breaking force, constant tension pressure, and some other more complex and strict tests. So on the market of aviation plug plug force machine different grades, or should have a certain understanding:

1. The first grade should belong to the aviation plug and pull force testing machine imported from Japan and Taiwan

It is first class in terms of appearance and software and accuracy of test data. To the customer, the price of this kind of aviation plug and pull force testing machine is not cheap, generally about 100,000. And the cost of after-sales service is relatively high.

2. The second level is the earliest supplier in mainland China that can develop procedures independently

In terms of the accuracy of test data, it can be comparable with imported machines. In terms of the upgrade function of procedures and meeting the special requirements of customers, it is superior to imported suppliers, and the after-sales service can be fast and timely. The disadvantage is that compared with foreign appearance or a little gap.

3, the third level is divided into two cases: one is a complete copy of the second supplier procedures

Many details are not perfect, customer groups can not be compared with the second level. So the production of the plug and pull force testing machine must be unsatisfactory. Another situation is that there is no development capacity at all. After software outsourcing and customer purchase, it is often unable to meet customer's existing or subsequent test requirements. Aviation plug and pull force testing machine data fraud, sensor easy to damage, after-sales password control. The price in the third tier is lower than that in the second tier.

At present, the highest domestic market share or the second level of testing machine, this level of aviation plug and pull force testing machine, cost-effective is the highest, cheaper than imports, test data accurate, independent development ability, can ensure that the after-sales can upgrade the test of new functions, of course, is the most popular market.

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