What are the operational characteristics of aviation plugs?

What are the characteristics and functions of aviation plug? Its main role is to connect various devices, aviation plug working voltage requirements in 12 volts or less, aviation plug because of its structural advantages can maintain a continuous working current, and through the current is very small. Click on the important role of aviation plug.

Aviation plug has certain requirements for the working environment, aviation plug adapt to the temperature between -25 degrees and 75 degrees in the environment, when it is in the storage state, the required temperature also changes, generally between -40 degrees to 85 degrees.

The service life of aviation plug is longer than that of common connector, the aviation plug with good quality can be used more than 10,000 times, and the resistance on the conduction is less than 20 euros. Aviation plug has a lot of advantages that traditional connector does not have, aviation plug has a larger contact surface, can ensure the stability of conduction, aviation plug has a smaller volume, can better adapt to the current trend of electronic and electrical products to fine direction of development.

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