Domestic aviation connector: TXGA stabilizes every flight

For aviation connector, it is very important to withstand pressure, resist earthquake and operate stably in bad weather. TXGA for the domestic aviation connector manufacturers for 14 years, is providing a complete connection service for aerospace, has won 40+ connector invention utility patents. You can see, "TXGA patent."

Today, TXGA connector technology is increasingly mature and reliable, consistent to provide customers with safe and reliable connector/line service and connection problem solutions. TXGA has high performance aviation connector, withstand pressure, seismic installation easy to use, even in bad weather is still stable operation connector products. "Details of domestic aviation connectors"

The following contents are related to domestic aviation connectors, aviation connectors and aviation plugs:

1. Aviation connector

* introduction to aviation connector

Aviation connector is named after its original use in aviation. Generally used with aviation socket, it is widely used in sea, aerospace, aviation, national defense, military, nuclear industry, electric power and other fields.

* aviation connector category

In China's industry management, electrical connectors, switches and keyboards are collectively referred to as electrical connector components, while electrical connector components and relays are collectively referred to as electromechanical components. Although the classification of connector product types is a little confusing, from the technical point of view, there are only three basic methods for the classification of connector product categories:

1) press: yes, bayonet (fast) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection

2) according to: shape (cross section)

3) according to :(bounded by 3MHz)

* technical parameters of aviation connector

1) electrical performance: rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, voltage resistance and insulation resistance, shielding, rf anti-interference attenuation value

2) mechanical properties: contact pairs and pinholes, installation mode and shape, shell material, insulator, contact, mechanical life, etc.

3) environmental technical performance: working temperature, working height, vibration, impact, constant acceleration, airtightness, anti-salt fog, anti-humidity, anti-mildew performance, etc.

2. Aviation plug

* aviation plug introduction

Aviation plug is a connector, from the military industry, so named, referred to as aviation plug. Aviation plug is the electrical and mechanical components connecting electrical lines, so its own electrical parameters are the first choice of aviation plug to consider. The correct selection and use of aviation plug is an important aspect to ensure circuit reliability.

* aviation plug category

There are different types of aviation plugs. According to the frequency, there are high frequency aviation plug and low frequency aviation plug; According to the shape of the circular connector, according to the use of points: cabinet with aviation plug, audio equipment with aviation plug, power aviation plug, aviation plug for special purposes, and so on.

* types of aviation plugs

Servo motor dedicated aviation plug, this intelligence control general aviation plugs, Russian military aviation plug, the United States military standard aviation plug, national standards for aviation plugs, national military standard aviation plugs, ordinary circular air plug, small round waterproof aviation plugs, gas seal, special glass sintering aviation plugs, airborne, communications in the aviation plug, plug subminiature precision air plug.

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