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Usb connector manufacturer -TXGA quality connector supplier

Many domestic usb connector manufacturers have a lot of technical problems, quality suppliers or to choose the shenzhen tesijia industrial electronics co., LTD., the company is the industry's leading technology connector suppliers, committed to providing a wide range of usb connector and customized server.

This is not a boast, the following small make up for your detailed introduction of the company's development advantages:

We have the title of "national high-tech enterprise", and have obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign standard certification, with the support of the industry's top technical personnel to promote the combination of technology. In addition to these we also for the automotive, military aviation and other high-end areas to provide systematic connectivity solutions, the service of enterprises: China aerospace, CRRC, gm, byd and more than 2k customers. At the same time, cooperation with us can also greatly save your time, the realization of digitization, pre-sales consulting, after-sales trading technology are completed online.

And these technologies are all around us (the walkman/the digital camera/the handheld computer/the handheld device/the controller board/the laptop/the mobile phone). It greatly facilitates People's Daily life. Its security is also very good. Greatly reduce the charging process of equipment overheating and other issues affecting the life of equipment! Below small make up for you to introduce some characteristics of the usp connector bus:

1. High data transmission efficiency

2. Multiple usb devices can be connected at the same time

3. Usb interface can supply power for the device while transferring data

4, support hot plug

[practical application]

USB interface data transmission distance is not more than 5 meters. Data transmission methods on USB bus include control transmission, synchronous transmission, interrupt transmission and block data transmission. USB HOST takes different data transmission characteristics according to the speed and usage characteristics of external USB devices. For example, change keyboard and mouse properties through control transmission, and request keyboard and mouse input data through interrupt transmission; The display property is changed through control transmission, and the data to be displayed is sent to the display through block data transmission.

Above is small make up for the manufacturers of some of the introduction, there are relevant business cooperation can contact the site customer service commissioner for your online services!