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What are the benefits of overforming wire harness components in resistors?

What are the benefits of overforming wire harness components in resistors? The use of cladding overforming techniques in the design of cables or electronic components usually results in smaller components than alternative assembly methods such as mechanical rear shells or enclosures. Smaller overall package sizes help to reduce the size of the equipment. The overforming process can also accommodate additional components, such as diodes for reverse polarity protection or resistors for circuit analysis.

We know that resistors are commonly called resistors in everyday life. Is a current limiting element, after the resistance is connected to the circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins, it can limit the current through its branches. A fixed resistor is one whose resistance cannot be changed. A variable resistance is called a potentiometer or variable resistor. The ideal resistor is linear, that is, the instantaneous current passing through it is proportional to the applied instantaneous voltage. Variable resistor for voltage divider. Press one or two movable metal contacts on the exposed resistor. The contact position determines the resistance between either end of the resistor and the contact.

For resistors used for circuit analysis, for example, wire harness assembly overforming technology reduces the size of the equipment and often makes the resistor work more efficiently.