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Why do connector pins need to be plated?

1. Why does the connector PIN need to be plated?

We know that the PIN PIN is an important part of the connector, and its function is to connect with the device to produce conductive transmission information. Therefore, the electroplating process of PIN PIN is very important, and often the PIN PIN of each connector company will be gilded.

2. What will be the impact on the connector if the plating is not carried out?

If the connector PIN is not plated, the signal and conductivity of the product may be unstable.

3. What are the advantages of connector PIN plating?

There are many advantages for connector PIN PIN electroplating and gold-plating process. Connector PIN PIN electroplating and gold-plating process can increase the service life of the product, improve the electrical conductivity and high thermal performance, and prevent oxidation and corrosion. The greater the thickness, the more obvious the effect.