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Whole house linkage, intelligent life, TXGA connector life application

This summer is too hot, have you tried to control the air conditioner in one sentence?

Intelligent home is the embodiment of Internet of things under the influence of the Internet of things. It is a living environment where intelligent home system is installed on the platform of residence. In general, it is a networked intelligent home control system integrating automatic control system, computer network system and network communication technology. Smart home through the Internet of things technology will be the home audio and video equipment, lighting, curtain control, air-conditioning control, security systems, digital cinema system, network home appliances and other devices connected together, provide electrical appliances, lighting, curtain control, indoor and outdoor, telephone remote control remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, hvac control and other multiple functions such as time programmable control and means.

Compared with ordinary household, smart home not only has the traditional residential function, both architecture, network communication, information appliances, automation equipment, system, structure, service, management, security as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, environmental protection living environment, to help families keep smooth communication with external, optimize people's life style, help people to arrange time effectively, enhance the safety and comfort of home life. So intelligent home system is the trend of future home decoration, will be more and more popular

In the era of the development of smart home, TXGA provide industrial-grade connector for electrical appliances industry, safe and reliable, high production control, shipment inspection strictly, guarantee the quality of each product, RJ45 TXGA production so connector can do gigabit transmission and signal attenuation, USB connector support hot plug meet everyday use, TXGA offers a variety of wiring harness customization, to provide you with one-stop sourcing platform.