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What kind of connector is interface usb2.0?

Recently, we have explained the types and performance of USB connector through many articles, including USB 3.0 connector in detail. Today we're going to go back and see what connectors are usb2.0? And what is the impact of usb2.0 connector on current technology development in the electronics industry?

What kind of connector is usb2.0?

We know that according to the different interfaces, USB is divided into USB1.1, USB2.0 and usb3.0. At present, most USB2.0 connectors corresponding to USB2.0 interface use four conductive terminals and four cables to complete data transmission.

The impact of usb2.0 connectors on the electronics industry

With more and more kinds of electronic products, people's requirements on electronic products are becoming higher and higher. This requires a variety of connectors with different functions to meet the design requirements. In addition, due to the limited space on electronic products, connectors on electronic products are required to integrate multiple functions as far as possible in order to make them more beautiful. The current USB2.0 connector has a single function, which is difficult to meet this requirement. So with the development of random technology, the USB2.0 interface will gradually become obsolete.

Over time, the development of technology has gradually developed USB3.0 interface connector, its performance and transmission speed is much better than USB2.0. If you need such products, you can browse in the TXGA USB connector product center first. Small order proofing, direct and fast online order.