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Detailed usb connector price, can be viewed online TXGA usb series product prices

USB connector as the current electronic equipment required by the rigid parts, its price is also the focus of our attention. The price of usb connector in the market varies in size. Many merchants do not provide detailed price on the website, but they need to communicate online, which undoubtedly increases the time cost of purchasing connector. TXGA launched a new USB connector product list page, you only need to register online fill in information, you can know the details of TXGA USB series product prices.

What does TXGA USB connector product have?

TXGA in the new phase of USB series products, according to its model divided into: Mini type, A type, B type, micro type, C type. Also included are the interface categories, USB3.0, USB2.0, and USB3.1. It doesn't take much time for registered members to view the price details.

TXGA provide product is conform to the standard USB connector, USB association when we design joined the pry plug structure, better protection of the products when customers to use bad operation to bring damage to the product, in the connection machine can be power supply hot-swappable, USB different revision, determines the different data transmission speed. If you need to know the price of USB connector, or purchase, we support online purchase and customer service contact.