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Knowledge of waterproof usb connector

Waterproof USB connector by TXGA products, with the characteristics of not afraid of water. In the waterproof level, TXGA part of the product up to IP168 waterproof.

How to judge the sealing performance of waterproof USB connector? What is the highest waterproof grade?

The standard to judge the sealing performance of waterproof USB connector is IP waterproof grade standard. We mainly look at the last two digits of ipXX XX, the first digit is 0 to 6, the highest level is 6; The second digit is from 0 to 8, the highest level being 8; Therefore, the highest waterproof grade of waterproof connector is ip68.

How to conduct waterproof test for ip68 waterproof USB connector?

Ip68 waterproof connector ip68 waterproof test is: ensure the water depth of 10 meters, work for 2 weeks, without water; Put it into a water depth of 100 meters and test it for 12 hours. It can still maintain the good performance of the product.

How to quickly find waterproof USB connector in TXGA official website?

TXGA sells USB series products, all have a certain waterproof function. You can click "USB connector products" directly to get the information you want. If you need a higher level of waterproof connector, can contact TXGA customer service detailed communication online.