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What are the SCSI connector types

What are the SCSI connector types? TXGA supports online selection, you can choose to click on the top right registration information, in the product center center to find the SCSI connector product catalog, or in the search box above, directly enter SCSI, you can get the SCSI product details you want.

Following are the SCSI connector type products recommended by TXGA

SCSI connector male seat welding wire type

Picture of SCSI products:

The number: 14,20,26,36,50

Distance: 1.27

Product height: 39

NO.2 SCSI connector motherboard plug-in 90 degrees (perforated)

Picture of SCSI products:

The number: 14,20,26,36,40,50,68,100

Distance: 1.27

Product height: 16.5

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