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TXGA turning terminal products can be ordered online [more efficient]

TXGA can provide turning terminal products online purchase services, quality assurance, economic benefits. Register TXGA website member now, more send a large number of points (purchase connector products are preferential), as well as a beautiful gift, to buy as soon as possible, first come first served.

In order to facilitate you to purchase turning terminal products more quickly, we have made a plan, a complete guide from registration to placing an order, we hope it will be useful to you! Click - tesja F2C online store - user registration and order operation guide

The following is the display of TXGA's two turning terminals, please check:

Crown spring terminal: 50 micron ""

Number: FMT119 (enter the number directly in the search box to find relevant products)

Picture of this type of turning terminal:

Add male end: ∅4.0mm

Material - metal: brass

Material - contact plating: silver


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

Gold plated 3 muons crown spring terminal

Number: FMT139 - F103B

Picture of this type of turning terminal:

Add male end: ∅2.0mm

Material - metal: copper alloy

Material - contact plating: gold

Type: crown spring terminal gold plated 3 mu"


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

TXGA for the national high-tech enterprise, 14 years of investment in the connector industry, from research and development to production, has always led the domestic connector industry with excellent r & d. If you need to turn terminal products, you are welcome to TXGA purchase