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Connector composite shell [utility model] | TXGA patent

TXGA connector company obtained the "connector assembly housing" patent.

Inventor: tian ziliang

The patent number is ZL 2016 2 1474804.6

Patent application date: December 28, 2016

Patentee: shenzhen tesja industrial electronics co., LTD

Authorization announcement date: August 4, 2017

Abstract: the combination of the utility model discloses a connector shell, its technical scheme including the holder are the main points and the outlet, outlet of the inner wall is equipped with the shoulder, the walls of the plug cone fixed resistant to shoulder stop, described the socket open for pipe into the socket, as described in the walls of the holder is equipped with card slot, jack hole wall fixed card for card block, reached through the slot and insert card block to tube and socket precision plugging effect.

Main claim: a combined shell of a connector, including a socket and a socket, the inner wall of the socket is provided with a blocking shoulder, and the outer wall of the socket is fixed with a blocking block that is resistant to the shoulder. The socket is provided with a socket for the socket to insert, and its characteristics are: the outer wall of the socket is provided with a card slot, and the hole wall of the socket is fixed with a card that fits the card block.