Telecom Network

TXGA possess a complete set of connector solutions and can provide stable and reliable connectors / cables service to all types of telecommunications, enterprise routers and exchange equipment.

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Medical Treatment

TXGA is an expert in the field of connector and sensor that we can provide a set of solution when you encounter a trouble on the medical connector. If you tell us your ides, we will use our 14 years of industry experience and expertise to help you on deigning a new medical equipment of health care service.

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Industrial Automation

With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for personalized products is increasing, and the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher. TXGA always provides customers with diversified, high-quality, safe and efficient connection services.

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Automotive connector forms and structures are ever-changing ,which it is mainly composed of four basic structures of contact, housing (depending on the product), insulator and accessory. They are also called jacket, connector, molded case and accessory in the industry. TXGA can provide high quality and electrical interconnect products for various types of cars.

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Household Appliances

The solution of design by TXGA is aimed at satisfy the daily needs of household appliances. Covered cellphone date line connector to communication sensor in household appliances, TXGA provide all corresponding solutions. We are provided safety and efficiency connectors that can improve safety and efficiency when you using household appliances. We not only provide standard products but also provide customize solution for client.

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Consumer Goods

TXGA provide a lot of input/output and I/O connectors, including USB, HDMI, D-SUB, module socket, etc. In addition to standard I/O connectors and associated cable assemblies, TXGA R&D engineers also can design custom solutions. Numerous connector products and associated cable assemblies work together to form a next-generation solution.

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TXGA military aviation products widely used in aviation, aerospace, naval vessels, weapons and so on. These products have 3 preventing function and the high density, high reliable, electromagnetic compatibility characteristic, etc. It also can be customized to various kinds of electrical connector which meeting customers’ demands.

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New Energy Resources

New energy (NE): also known as unconventional energy, refers to other various forms of energy except traditional energy, or refers to energy which is just beginning to be exploited or researched actively and needs to be promoted, such as: solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean. Energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy.

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Brand proposition

Construct Fundation for Innovation

TXGA provides systematic connectivity solutions in e-tech industry to help strengthen the connection between different fields, and contruct a rugged foundation to the intrustrial upgrading of the whole society.

TXGA is transforming its ambitious ideas into reality with solid paces. And we promise to help our industry, partners and users realize their commercial and social value as well.

We choose to partner with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to make the connected life and wold possible.

Serve for “More Decisive Areas”

TXGA has more than 2000 innovative partners like GM, BYD,CRRC and CASC, in vihecle, military and aviation industries with its safe, sustainable, creative and productive solutions.

Innovative Connector Solutions

TXGA is a "National High-tech Enterprise", with 3 invention patents and 30 utility model patents. For more than 10 years, TXGA has been adhering to highest standards and leading its domestic counterparts with excellent R&D power.

Digital Service System

TXGA has built up a digital service system that can support online porcessing of pre-sale enquiries, tradings and after-sales services. It can substantially reduce the order cycle and make clients's R&D and production plan more flexible and effecient.

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Hard to buy in small quantities?

Long lead time?

Difficult to track the order?

Difficult to get the technical support?

Difficult to access the data?

After-sales service is unsatisfied?

TXGA Can resolve for you



  • Mass inventory

    Short lead time

    Mass stock immediate delivery

  • Cloud Database

    Products specification sheets

    available to refer and download anytime and anywhere

  • Technical team

    Professional support on technical

    providing online to offline

  • Real-time tracing

    Real-time update on product stock and delivery status,

    staff service providing on working days

  • No after-sale worries

    Providing after-sale service within 24 hours

  • No reason to refund for 7days

    No reason to refund on standard parts

TXGA has combined the traditional business and internet to provide better service to customer.

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