TXGA website is relaunched

To provide users with more convenient and better browsing experience, after a period of planning, programming and testing, TXGA official website also has been upgraded. The updated version of official website (www.txga.com) has been launched.          
The new website integrates and improves the part content of the original website. Meanwhile, it redesigns and layouts the main functional modules and contents of the company. It has made great innovations and improvements in form, function and operation.           
The upgraded website will be connected to the ERP system, and the product parameters and drawings will be updated in time. Products are also more abundant, customers can download products and related qualifications on the website, and support online ordering samples and purchase orders.           
The new website is still improving. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a message for us. You can also call our national unified service hotline 0755-28102800 to tell us that we can do better.

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