What should you pay attention to when installing RJ45 connectors?

The RJ45 connector is an electronic component that connects the cable to the appropriate component to connect and disconnect the circuit. In order to ensure the normal operation of the network connector, it is very important that the RJ45 network connector performs security check within a certain period of use. The following are the things that should be considered in the process of checking the RJ45 network connector:

1. The inspection of the RJ45 connector must be performed with the power switch turned off, otherwise the relevant electrical components will be burnt out due to current short circuit.

2. When removing the cable connector, carefully observe the connector connection. First, the network connector should be disassembled when the locking reed is released or the buckle is pressed. Do not force it to open. When assembling, the connector should be inserted and locked in the opposite way.

3. When the waterproof RJ45 connector is removed for inspection, care should be taken to remove the sealing ring carefully to prevent damage to the sealing ring and affect the waterproof effect; when assembling, the sealing ring must be placed in place. Otherwise, the circuit may malfunction due to water entering the connector.

4. When inspecting the RJ45 connector with a multimeter, do not apply excessive force to the metal terminals when inserting the rod to prevent deformation and cause poor contact.

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