What should I pay attention to when choosing a connector?

Many customers don't know what to pay attention to when selecting the connector cable. TXGA has sorted out the following seven points of attention, and hopes to help you.

1. When selecting a connector, proceed from the actual situation and choose according to the application. The sound and the TV are definitely not the same.

2.When using the connector, pay attention to the size, size of the installation, the size of the opening size.

3. When selecting a connector, pay attention to the number of plug-in pairs and the number of requirements.

4. When a damaged connector is found during maintenance, it must first be repaired and then replaced. The product model specifications should be unified when replacing.

5. When selecting the connector, pay attention to the rated voltage and rated current of the connector to meet the requirements of the working circuit, and leave a margin.

6. When using the connector, be careful not to insert the wrong or misplaced. When the dial is not smooth, it cannot be forcibly removed to prevent damage.

7. When using an integrated circuit socket, be sure to insert the integrated circuit on the premise of clearing the direction, otherwise the integrated circuit will be damaged.

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